The trainings

The trainings are given in French or English. The trainer has an FSEA certification.

Circular Project Management ©

Learn how to apply a method and tools to manage your projects in order to complete them on time, within the budget and with the satisfaction of all stakeholders.
Duration: 5 days.

Project supervision (for managers)

Learn how to manage a project portfolio and its associated resources.
Duration: 1 day.

Participative organisation facilitation

Learn how to apply tools to facilitate an organisation in a horizontal and participative approach.
Duration: 1 day.

Agile project management

Learn the fundamentals of agile project management methods.
Duration: 1 day.

Merlin Project

Learn how to use a professional scheduling tool for MacOS.
Duration: 1 day.

The certifications

Theoretical certificat

Get your theoretical knowledge certified by an expert through a written exam.

Practical certificat

Get your practical knowledge certified by a jury through an oral exam on a real project.