Reinforce your team, to move mountains

Prefix organises and moderates different types of workshops that target different objectives. The activities, venues and comfort are adjusted to your requirements.

  • The base camp. The goal of this workshop is to allow participants to meet and to create a team. It is ideal to kick off a project or when the team was subject to several changes.

  • The roped party. This workshop is designed to get participants to work together towards a specific goal, to confront opinions and to reach a consensus. It stimulates the structuring, harmonisation and cohesion of the team.

  • The bivouac. The goal of this workshop is to optimise the performance of the team by confronting it with unusual situations. It is ideal to consolidate a group that faces important issues.

  • The camp fire. This workshop enables the sharing of individual experiences (intervision) in a cosy environment. It is ideal to raise awareness of a subject among the participants, to debrief a project, to thank and to celebrate a success.