Mentored projects

Alternative school

This project consists in the creation of an alternative school in the Vully region. The goals of the school are to offer a bilingual education based on the Plan d'Etudes Romand (PER) and the flourishing of the kids through physical activities (circus, yoga, meditation, ...), manual activities (woodworking, potery, drawing, ...) and environmental activities (gardening, waste sorting, fabrication of cleaning products, ...).


The goal of this project is to install an artificial habitat for the kingfisher in the arm of the old Thielle. This installation will compensate the decrease of natural habitats and offer an observation station of the birdhouse.

Le Jardin du Part'Âge

The objective of this project is to create an environmental-friendly inter-generational place to live, allowing knowledge sharing, mutual assistance, reinsertion, leisure time, sports and personal development.